I have tried just about every shop in south Minneapolis and what makes this one special is that Eric takes the time to talk with you about your bike. I think we spent about 25 minutes talking over everything that he was going to do to my beloved 73’ Schwinn Paramount, he did the work perfectly and got my classic back on the road for some fall miles. He is the kind of mechanic that has knowledge on classic bikes, new bikes and everything in between and that is extremely rare to find. Love having a service oriented shop so close to home.

Bryon Wicklund

I got to talk to Eric at some length, and he helped me diagnose a minor problem on my bike.

If you’re an optimizer – you like to optimize everything on your bike – this is your shop.

If you’re a younger/newer racer on a budget looking for maximum value for money wheels, frames, equipment recommendations – this is your shop.

I’ve seen maybe 10 riders apart from me in the Twin Cities with any level of Campagnolo, but Eric speaks Campy. 10s ergo lever G-springs going? He can fix them. On that note, if you’re looking for value for money, that implies rebuilding parts that break and wear out – this is your shop.

If you want to drop around $1k on a budget racer that can do a lot of stuff – this is your shop, he has a post below on his page.

If you just want to drop $10k on a very fancy bike – this is your shop. There’s a $16k Enigma currently sitting in the window for show.

Eric really understands bikes, bike fit, and bike components.

Weiwan Ng

Northern rose is a great addition to the neighborhood! Eric is great to talk with, loves bikes and is playing some great music in the shop.

Kerry O'Neill

Eric is a top notch guy and does great quality work. I cant wait to see where this shop goes in the future because its on the right path and I cant thank them enough.

Jordan Holicky

I think it’s high time MPLS had a service-focused shop like this. Eric is clearly passionate about what he’s doing and he was very patient with me as I asked questions while he adjusted my headset (this should seem like a SOP but it’s rare to go to a shop where you won’t get *attitude* if you’re doing this. I’m a curious person, and Eric indulged me. What a sweetie!) Currently the shop is still coming together but never fear, the service side is ready to go! I’m definitely coming back for more work on my bikes (and music/podcast recommendations). Highly recommended! Very excited to see this shop bloom.

Natalia Mendez

eric is a diamond. with ease and speed he took my frozen stiff cable housing, flushed it with t9, and cleaned the thing out to make it work again. it was quick and it worked perfectly. with only about 10 minutes of work, i was back on the road slangin tacos. thanks again, northern rose!

Matt Gagui

Eric is a pleasure to work with. I have watched him diagnose issues quickly and provide possible solutions to clients every time I have been in the shop. The staff is also friendly and helpful.

Marc Warnest

I don’t trust anyone to work on my bikes except Eric.  From keeping them in top working condition to customizing them to suit some very far out needs, he can do anything well.  As a randonneur, I count on riding my bike for 24 hours at a time for days on end, I’ve never had any kind of a mechanical issue and that is saying a lot.

Can’ recommend Northern Rose enough.

Michele Brougher